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Interview with Hans Blaise of Haiti

16. 6. 2019 | Michal Runák
Haitians came over to Košice for the gold medal and they do enjoy their time here.

Wherever they come, they cause a stir around themselves. Haitians do look exotic, but when it comes to their performance, they are a hard time for any of their rivals. You are the most exotic team on the tournament, how did you get to the hockeyball?

„We use to play hockey with friends, and during the summer we play hockeyball. So we decided to build up a team.“

Do children play hockeyball in Haiti?

„When we took part in World ́s championship back in 2015, we literally stole the media attention. Since then, many children started to play hockey. So I believe, that they will explore hockeyball as well.“

What are your goals for this year ́s tournament?

„We always want to win, so gold medal is our goal.“

Back in 2015, infamous fighter from NHL George Laraque was also a member of your team. He ́s not with you this year?

„He doesn ́t play with us, but we do keep in touch sometimes. Apart from the hockeyball, he ́s got a lot of stuff to do and that is the reason why he ́s not here with us. But he ́s been supporting us all the time and keeps sending us messages“.

How do you like Košice?

„We haven ́t seen much but it ́s a beautiful city. We really enjoy the city ́s weather. If we have much more free time, we will definitely go and explore the city as well as the local culture.“

Your appearance is very exotic, especially your hair is really eye-catching. How long have you been growing them?

„For about ten years now. Most of my friends do comment my hairstyle, they really have something to say about it (laugh). But it has already been pretty normal for me, although for a boy it ́s quite unusual. But I will keep them growing even further (smile)“.