ISBHF Cashbackcard

BALLHOCKEY has become the world's largest shopping community, making our own loyalty fan program and a superb Cashback card for the entire ballhockey family. Also get the invaluable ISBHF Cashback card!!!!! Buy as before, just save on your purchases. You will also support our beloved sport - 1% of our fans' purchases for BALLHOCKEY.

ISBHF CashbackCardBenefits:

Money back in cashdirectly to youraccountforeachofyourpurchasesfromnearly 150,000 businesspartnersaroundtheworld

ShoppingPointsforeverypurchase, i. discountsup to € 5-10 forfuturepurchases in ourbusinesspartnersaroundtheworld

Yousavemoney on yourownpurchases, whichyou do thesameasbefore

1% supportoursport - BALLHOCKEY

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TheCashbackWorld program recommendedme [CBBH-cashback&ballhockey, s.r.o.]. I agree to [CBBH-cashback&ballhockey, s.r.o.] be my referral.

I canwithdraw my consent(s) atanytime in writing (myWorld Slovakia, s.r.o., Bajkalská 19 / B, Bratislava - Ružinov 821 01) or by e-mail to Theprocessingofdatabased on thisconsentwilltakeplaceundertheprovisionsuntilfurthernotice.